• IP

    • Agnes B., Square Enix, et. al.: enforcement of copyright & trademark holder’s rights against infringers
    • intellectual property catalogue of all marks, patents and copyrights for American subsidiary of Japanese video game manufacturer
    • I-SEC International Security B.V.: Japan strategy, contracts, and negotiation for launch of Japan presence


    • Consumer Justice Center, et al. v. Brother Industries, Inc., et al.: patent infringement discovery
    • Ashlar-Vellum: CAD and 3D modelling software infringement in Japan & America 



    • visiting & resident foreign clients in Japan accused of smuggling drugs, theft, etc.
    • white collar defence for stock purchases, investments, etc.
    • manslaughter: communist political attache: fabricated GPS data





     also see trusts & estates, real estate, finance, etc. 

    • investigation
    • drafting
    • negotiation
    • dispute settlement
    • Thompsons Africa: tie-up between South African company & prospective Japan partners
    • Modern English Language Schools: franchises

    • Osaka Bar Association: directory
    • Daikin Industries, Ltd.
    • Nuclear Fuel Industries, Ltd.
    • Yanmar Co., Ltd.
    • Belgian Embassy construction
    • selling, licensing, sharing know-how with East and South Asian partners in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China, etc.

    civil disobedience

    by advocate

    • repeatedly arrested and detained
    • repeated hunger strikes while detained: refused all food & water
    • hunger strike resulting in intravenous feed for months
    • e.g. advocate verbally awoke sleeping riot control squad officer stationed outside advocate's home: standing officer suddenly awoke & immediately assaulted advocate: advocate was jailed, arrested, & charged with interfering with a civil servant in performance of duty
    • detentions could have been legally continued indefinitely


    also see finance, M&A, startups, insurance, etc.

    • localisation
    • corporate admin
    • bankruptcy & dissolution
    • public relations
    • international & domestic expansion
    • cross-border transactions
    • liaising with foreign & domestic counsel
    • interpretation & translation
    • Manuli Rubber Industries S.p.A.
    • Smith's School of English Franchises
    • Takemoto Trading Co., Ltd.
    • CBI Partners


     also see private clients

    • Footwork International Corp.: corporate administration and investments in Europe and the U.K.
    • Usen Media Contents Company: cross-border share transactions, stock issuance
    • Tempur Japan
    • revised & simplified complex IPO documents




    • Prudential Financial: acquisition of Kyoei Life Insurance Co.: diligence
    • United States v. Raytheon Company and Texas Instruments: document production for Department of Justice antitrust investigation of merger


    also see torts, families, M&A, IP, insurance, criminal, trusts & estates, & civil disobedience

    • liaising with foreign & domestic counsel

    eminent domain

    • City of Anaheim: Disney second gate opening



    • AXA Switzerland & AXA France: settlement of claims for defective machinery & personal injury
    • Wilson v. New York Life Ins. Co.: evaluated and adjudged fraud claims according to judicial instructions

    real estate

    also see trusts & estates

    • leases
    • purchases
    • loans
    • translation & interpretation
    • logistics
    • eminent domain
    • European, American & Asian properties & clients
    • domestic & foreign transactions

    private clients

    • tax avoidance
    • investments
    • logistics
    • clients & jurisdictions: North American, European, Asian in Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Hong Kong, Japan, America
    • closely held Swedish family shipbuilding corporation with substantial assets and facilities in Japan transitioning between 1st and 2nd generation owners: advise, liaise, research, & investigate


    also see private clients, trusts & estates, real estate, etc.

    • divorce
    • child custody
    • inheritance
    • European, American & Asian clients & courts


    • complex, multi-jurisdictional for high net worth foreign government official

    trusts & estates

    also see agreements, private clients, finance, etc.


      • University of Nevada, Reno: complex multi-jurisdictional ongoing cross-border litigation for encumbered estate bequest


      • Lifespan Provider Programs Foundation, Inc. expansion into Japan: government regulatory, grant programs, branch office establishment
      • director on board of animal welfare & rescue organisation


      • negotiated partnership deals
      • strategy
      • marketing
      • financing
      • products
      • drafted templates for ongoing use with client service providers and suppliers on both sides of the Pacific
      • IPO agreements
      • Digital Things
      • Sivelli KK


      • Lawrence O'Connor, et. al., vs. Boeing North American, Inc., et. al.: environmental discovery
      • death & dismemberment: Japanese  v. American in foreign jurisdiction
      • personal injury: foreign Japan resident plaintiff in administrative procedure


      • Not Exactly Practicing Law CLE: what your Japan licensed legal practitioner did not tell you about your lack of representation
      • founded Japan Law Society

      • uncovered fictional private client used for busy work for multiple unknowing Japan licensed attorneys in largest Japanese law firm

      • uncovered world's largest aerospace manufacturer's efforts to circumvent judicial instructions
      • while upholding rules of professional conduct employed aggressive legal methods to contest ethical violations
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